The Black Goo interview, Metalized Magazine #140

This is your debut album, tell me the story behind the band and the making of this monster?

The band was founded in Bremen/Germany in 2020, during the first wave of the pandemic.

It was started by singer/bassplayer Anatoli ‚Aloha‘ Monov, and was later joined by Kriss Danger. 

Both of them searched for a drummer, and by the end of the year drummer Kai Paulmann also joined the band. Because of the pandemic it was difficult to find decent members. But by accident it turned out that this was right cast, as Kai was teaching in Kriss‘ music school (School of Rock Nienhagen, Germany) and all the members happened to be professional musicians. Kriss played in David Hasselhoff‘s touring band, Kai also plays with Nikki Puppet, and Aloha was a member of Rumble Militia, amongst others. We started immediately working on the first album. At that time it wasn‘t possible to rehearse or to work on ideas together in rehearsal room, so the album was worked out completely via skype/facetime. So far everyone recorded his parts in his own studio. After all we exchanged the data via internet. And after the songs were sat right in tracks and were premixed, we took them all to Jörg Uken (Soundlodge Recording) for the endmix and master. A few days later Jörg invited us for the prehearing of the songs actually for us for the very first time. He nailed it and  made the album sounds as big as the biggest albums out there. 

That‘s the story of making this monster happen.

I hear different styles of metal in your work, what are your musical influences?

As we all come from different kinds of styles of music and cultures, the music is a blend of it all.

Most of the songs are spiced with bulgarian folklore and flavored well with typical thrash/groove metal elements.

Besides that everyone put his own musical experiences and inspiration.

For example Kriss grew up listening to Richie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie van Halen.

Aloha was inspired by everything from Black Sabbath to Slayer and everything in between, Kai was influenced by Phil Rudd, Neil Peart, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl and so on.

How did the idea come up, of doing a cover of the old The Doors song ”Break on through..” 

I had this idea by watching a movie about The Doors a few years back. I remembered the song  and thought – how cool it maybe to cover the tune up, mainly because of the name and secondly because of the situation we stood in at that time.

You made this record during the lockdown, will you go on tour now that the restrictions are gone?

YES, YES and YES. As soon as possible we would like to play live, and we are ready to kick some asses, and blow you away... ;-)

Reviews on the album are pretty good, do you have plans for a follow up album?

We are very delighted and appreciate all the kind reviews that came in so far, and we are looking forward to produce new music in the near future. But first of all we‘re looking forward to present the debut album live. And maybe we manage it to finish some songs for release in the beginning of the next year.

But, the next step for now is to produce our first two videos for ‚Hero Inn‘ and ‚Break on through‘.

Also planning  to release a physical CD and Vinyl of the Black Goo!

So Stay Tuned!